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Seafarer’s Wellness


Seafarers are an integral part of the shipping industry which transports around 90% of the world’s trade.  Important as seafarers are, their welfare is often overlooked.  Here we look at some of the challenges encountered by seafarers:

  • Mental Health

When you are in the same place for long periods of time, you tend to feel depressed, isolated or lonely.  Some seafarers allow these emotions to overwhelm them and it can have negative consequences.  Companies can adequately educate seafarers on the difficulties they might face at sea and how to overcome them effectively.

  • Relationship With Fellow Seafarers

Some seafarers might face problems working with their fellow shipmates and some even get abused.  The seafarer should report the abuse to his superior or the Company immediately and not allow the abuse to continue.

  • Piracy

Although piracy at sea now is not as bad as previous centuries the issue is still not negligible in this day and age.  Companies should equip seafarers to mentally prepare themselves and their families when sailing in high risk areas.  Suitable training should also be provided teaching seafarer how to react and handle the situation should a piracy attack occur.