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Things That Keep Seafarers Happy On Board Ships


Seafarers go through the mundane work cycle on board every day for long periods of time and because they are out at sea and confined to the ship there are not many entertainment options for them.  The following are a few simple things that keep seafarers happy on board:

  1. Internet

In this day and age, a life without internet connectivity is akin to living in a cave.  While some ships only have AMOS Connect on board, the seafarer will still be happy when they receive a new email from their loved ones.

  1. Good Quality Food

Having to work long hours on board, seafarers would certainly appreciate well prepared and good quality food during their meal breaks.

  1. Timely Repatriation

After serving the full duration of their contracts, seafarers expect to be signed off timely so that they can go home to their loved ones.  Signing off is what the seafarers look forward to after so many months on board.

  1. Celebrations

Having to go through the monotonous work every day, it’s a welcome change if there is the occasional party.  Be it someone’s birthday, Christmas party or just a party for no special reason, it will certainly lift up the spirits of all crew on board.

What do you think are some other factors that can perk up a seafarer’s day on board?