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Coping With Stress At Sea

CopingWithStressAt Sea

Studies suggest that 43% of adults are hit with stress and that nearly three-quarters of all regular doctor visits are because of stress-related symptoms.  Stress can be very damaging as it can be a hazard when you are working on board the ship!

Seafarers need to have the ability to adapt to challenges at sea in order to keep functioning at their best.  We share with you some steps on how you can manage stress on board.

  • Flexibility & Adaptability

Instead of being negative to changes, challenge your negative thoughts and beliefs and try to see things from another perspective.

  • Relaxation

Take time off to relax.  You can try meditation, deep breathing exercises to take your mind off the stress.

  • Right Attitude

Sometimes mistake happen and it’s important to develop healthy response to mistakes and move on.  Do you best to make healthy choices when you feel the stress creeping up on you.  Exercise is a great stress-buster.  Reading a good novel can keep your mind off stress as well.  Getting enough quality sleep also helps in effective stress management.

  • Track Your Stressors

Identify which situations trigger the most stress and how you react to them.  Record your thoughts and feelings and reactions to the stress.  By tracking your stressors you can observe patterns among your stressors and your reactions to them.

  • Talk It Out

It’s good to have an open conversation with your supervisor.  Rather than just ranting aimlessly, the talk is to come up with an effective plan to manage the stressors you’ve identified.  A happy and healthy seafarer is typically more productive so your supervisor will be more than willing to create a positive work environment on board.