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What It Takes To Be An Offshore Diver


Offshore diving is an exhilarating and hazardous job.   There are two different sets of skill requirements an Offshore Diver must meet, both physical and mental.

Physical requirements:

  • Ability to withstand extreme cold and heat conditions
  • Physically fit
  • Strong swimming skills
  • Ability to react fast
  • Excellent night vision
  • Physical endurance


Mental requirements:

  • Ability to remain calm under extreme pressure
  • High concentration skills
  • Resourcefulness
  • Pays meticulous attention to details

Besides meeting the physical and mental requirements for offshore diving, a Diver must also meet governmental and international certification standards.  As many offshore diving contracts are carried out by members of IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association), majority of divers are registered with certification recognized by IMCA and IDRF (International Diving Regulators Forum).

If you are an Offshore Diver, do share with us your experiences on the job.