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Seafarers And Their Tattoos

    Some of you might know a well-inked seafarer or two or you might be one yourself.   Do you know the meaning behind some classic seaman tattoos?  Here’s the meaning behind a few of the classics:

  1. Anchor

An anchor usually meant that a seaman had sailed across the Atlantic Ocean

  1. Dragon

Inking a dragon meant that the seaman has sailed to China before

  1. Swallows

A swallow tattoo signifies that the seaman has logged 5000 miles at sea.  Swallows also symbolizes good luck in finding land and returning to your homeland.

  1. A Fully-Rigged Ship

This tattoo design meant that the seaman has made the passage around Cape Horn where the waters are rough and stormy.

  1. Nautical Star

The nautical star is a symbol meaning the seafarer will always be able to find his way home.

Share with us what tattoo designs you have!