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Fire Prevention On Board Ships


As they say, prevention is better than cure.  Rather than allowing a fire to break out, it is better to prevent them from happening.  Fire on board ships can be avoided by being diligent.  Below are some important points to note for fire prevention on board ships:


  • Exhaust leakages and steam leakages should be rectified immediately.


  • Ship’s crew should be careful about galley fires. Officers on board should preferably keep an eye in the galley when provision is being received because this is when galley remains unattended for a long time.


  • Regular & diligent fire patrol can help in fire prevention. One of the best ways in fire prevention is physical monitoring.


  • One of the common causes of fire is cigarette. Crew should only smoke at the designated smoking area/room and care should be taken when disposing the cigarettes.


  • In engine room, waste bins used for storing oily rags must be covered with lids at all time. Oily rags should be in the bins and not strewn all over the place.


Do you have other useful tips for fire prevention on board ships? Do share with us by commenting below.