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What It Takes To Be A Ship’s Cook


If I ask you which is the most important job on board the ship.  Many of you might say that it’s the Master as the Master manages the whole ship.  Well it’s true but there is another often neglected job on board but it’s oh so important.  It’s the ship’s cook!  If the ship’s cook does not prepare a nice and nutritious meal then everyone cannot work well on board don’t you think so?

Some of you may be curious what does it take to be a ship’s cook.  The most basic requirement is of course to know how to cook.  Anyone aspiring to be a ship’s cook needs to have the necessary certifications from recognized culinary schools and universities.   If you graduated from a maritime hospitality course you just need to attend the basic STCW courses and you can work as a cook on the ship.

The ship’s cook needs to plan various meals for the crew.  The ship’s cook has to know what ingredients and condiments are necessary for preparing the meals so that they can order the correct provisions.  They also have to look at the nutritional value of the meals to ensure that the crew on board can enjoy a well-balanced diet.

Below shows the approximate timings that crew on board have their meals:

Breakfast Time: 6.00am to 7.00am

Lunch Time: 11.30am to 12.30pm

Dinner Time: 5.30om to 6.30pm

The ship’s cook has to ensure that the foods are hot and ready before the crew starts streaming into the messroom during meal times.

Perks of being a ship’s cook is that the pay is relatively high compared to a shore cook job and the job offers opportunities of travelling around the world and the ship’s cook can also learn various countries’ cuisines.

Are you a ship’s cook?  Share with us your experiences working on board!