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Seafarer Superstitions

Seafaring is one of the world’s oldest professions, so it is understandable that in the event some inexplicable incidents happened, superstitions will play a somewhat major role in explaining the incidents’ occurrence.

We’ve found some of the wackiest and most unbelievable superstitions of seafarers.

1)  No bananas on board!


A peculiar superstition believed by some seafarers is bananas should not be on board vessels on long voyage.  Some say it’s because the banana peels pose the danger of seafarers slipping on board and some say when the banana ferments it releases a deadly toxin.


2)  Sharks


Some say if there are sharks following your vessel it is a sign of an inevitable death.


3)  Dolphins


It is said that if you spot dolphins swimming with the vessel something good is going to happen.


4)  Red Sky


The old saying goes  “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight; red sky in the morning, sailors take warning”.  A red sunset signifies a beautiful day ahead while a red sunrise indicates rain and stormy weather.


5)  Don’t Kill an Albatross


Some seafarers believe that seabirds carry the souls of dead sailors and it is considered bad luck to kill one. However, you will experience good luck if you see one.


These are just some of the many maritime superstitions.  What other superstitions do you have or have heard of?  Share with us by commenting below.