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How Seafarers Can Maintain Strong Relationship With Their Family While Away At Sea

Seafarers are away at sea for long period of time and one of the most challenging aspects of life at sea is how to keep relationships with loved ones going strong while you are at sea.

Loneliness is very real when you are working on board the ship.  While it is inevitable that separation from loved ones is part and parcel of being a seafarer, there are still ways to keep the relationships strong while you are away.


  • Call Me

Whenever possible call home and tell your loved ones how much you miss them, or simply to tell them about your day.  This can strengthen your bond and is a great way of staying connected.



  • Skype Away

For the fortunate seafarers with internet on board, you can skype home and chat away!



  • Snail Mail

For the ones without internet on board, you can always get a paper and pen and write home.  You can pen your thoughts on paper and send the letter home.  It can be very endearing to receive a handwritten letter in this day and age.



  • Gift It To Me

Everybody loves surprises and everybody loves presents.  You can always go online and order a gift for your loved ones.  It doesn’t have to be any special occasion for you to do that, it can be a “Just Because” present.


What are some of the ways you adopt to keep your relationships going strong?