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Utilising Your Free Time On Board

While life at sea can get pretty hectic with so many tasks to accomplish but there are pockets of free time as well.  What can you do during those rest time?

We list down a few activities you can engage in:


  • Sunbathing

It’s always good to go out and get a dose of Vitamin D when time permits.  You can admire the beautiful sea while you are at it.



  • Letter writing

Penning a letter to your loved ones at home is a good way to gather your thoughts and a good old-fashioned way to stay connected with your loved ones.  Imagine the joy and delight on the face of your loved ones when they receive a physical handwritten letter from you.



  • Power Nap

Grabbing a quick forty winks can make you more alert and you can concentrate better on your job.



  • Correspondence Course

Some seafarers take up some educational correspondence course.  This is a good way to upgrade while you are at sea.



  • Exercising

Engaging in regular exercises can make you feel happier and it can also increase your energy levels, in turn it’s beneficial for your work on board.



  • Meditating

Meditation can reduce stress, clear your mind and improve your concentration.  We need all the concentration we can get while working on board.



  • Stargazing

It is very therapeutic and relaxing to be stargazing in the middle of the ocean.  Good way of de-stressing at the end of a busy day working at sea.


Coffee Break Reading Travel Book Lifestyle Concept

  • Reading

Whether it’s picking up the newspapers or a novel, reading can stimulate your mind and increase your knowledge.  It is good for expanding your vocabulary as well and it will certainly come in handy for your report writing!


Share with us what you do during your free time on board.