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5 Important Qualities of a Good Leader


Not everyone can be a leader and it’s even tougher to be a good leader.  The best leaders exhibit certain qualities that make employees respect and learn from them.  So what are the 5 important attributes of a good leader?


  1. Integrity

Nothing speaks of good leadership more than integrity.   Employees want to work for those who are ethical and they know that such leaders will most probably treat them right.  Leaders need to realise that their words, actions, decisions truly helps to create the company’s values and culture.


  1. Humility

Employees love a humble leader.  A sense of humility is essential to leadership because it endorses a person’s humanity.  Good leaders admit their mistakes and share their failures with his employees so that they can learn together from the mistake.


  1. Passion

Employees are inspired when they see how their leaders display boundless energy and passion for their work.  This can in turn inspire the employees to do their work with a passion.


  1. Decisiveness

Leaders have to make important decisions every day and in a timely manner.  You do not want your leader to make hasty decisions nor do you want them to be too fearful to decide.  A good leader has the confidence and experience to weigh the pros and cons to arrive at a good decision.


  1. Clarity

Good leaders are clear and concise about what they want.  Their employees understand the vision of the team and what needs to be done to achieve the goals.  The employees certainly do not appreciate a situation of the blind leading the blind.  A good leader will lead with clarity and precision.