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Importance of Drug & Alcohol Policy


We know how dangerous it is to be working on board a ship and even much more on offshore rigs.  Accidents can happen due to human error or pure negligence.  Responsible seafarers can do their part by being diligent in their work and adhere to the safety protocols put in place by the ship owners.

One common cause of accidents on board is drug and alcohol abuse.  Many ship owners have strict drug and alcohol policy.  Substance abuse is a big no-no on the job.   Banning is one thing, enforcing the ban is another thing.   The ship owners have to ensure that their seafarers are aware of the importance of the drug and alcohol policy and also the severity if they flout the rule.

Alcohol and drugs can impair your judgement and response and you obviously cannot afford to have impairment of judgement and slow hand-eye coordination when you are working on board.  Any seafarer who causes any accidents due to alcohol and drug abuse can face serious legal consequences.

Ship owners usually conduct regular drug and alcohol tests on their seafarers to ensure that the ban is enforced.  A good practice is to conduct surprise tests on the seafarers.  Any seafarers who are tested positive for substance abuse will be reported to the ship owners and necessary disciplinary measures will be meted out.

Share with us what kind of drug and alcohol policy does your ship owner have.