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How Seafarers Can Keep Their Lungs Strong And Healthy

Seafarers have to engage in strenuous physical work on board the ship so a pair of healthy lungs is vital as you wouldn’t want to be out of breath when you are working in the engine room.  We look at some simple tips you can adopt to keep your lungs performing optimally.



  1. Breathe Deeply

Deep breathing exercises can make your lungs perform more efficiently.   Slowly breathe in through your nose alone and then breathe out very slowly through your mouth.  Besides cleansing your lungs this way you will also feel more relaxed.


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  1. Eat Right

Do you know there are lung cleansing foods?  Pistachios, cayenne pepper and plantain leaf are some examples of foods that can aid in healthy lung function.



  1. Do Not Smoke

This tip is a no-brainer actually.  We all know what harmful effects the cigarette can do to our body.   Toxins like nicotine, carbon monoxide and tar build up in your lungs and make it difficult for your lungs to clean themselves.



  1. Avoid Pollutants

Exposure to pollutants can do great damage to your lungs.    Avoid secondhand smoke, avoid exercising near heavy traffic as you will be inhaling the exhaust.  If you are exposed to pollutants while working on board, you should take the necessary precautions and put on approved face mask to avoid infection from inhaling pollutants.