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Things You Might Not Know About The Seafarer

The maritime industry is a very important industry as it’s crucial to the existence of the global economy.  As important as the industry is, so are the seafarers who are the pulse of this unique industry.

Very few people know the dynamics of the maritime industry or even what seafarers go through on board.  Here are a few things you might not know about the seafarer:


  1. Seafarers Keep The Global Economy Going

Did you know that over 90% of the world trade like food, fuel, raw material and manufactured goods is delivered by sea?   So you can imagine how important is our seafarers who work relentlessly on board to ensure that the world trade is carried out effectively.


  1. Only 2% of World’s Seafarers Are Women

Women make up only an estimated 2% of the world’s maritime workforce and that is about 23,000 worldwide.  Women seafarers are usually found working on board cruise ships and ferries.


  1. China Has The Largest Number of Seafarers

Philippines used to be the largest contributor of seafarers in the world but now China has overtaken on numbers.  However the number of Chinese seafarers available for international service is limited according to international shipping companies.


  1. Seafarers Risk Their Lives

Seafarers not only have to travel through dangerous piracy infested areas they also have to brave the storms at sea.


  1. Seafarers Can Feel Lonely

Most seafarers have no means of communication while out at sea and only one in ten seafarers have access to freely available internet.   With lack of connectivity it can be difficult for seafarers to connect with their loved ones at home and that’s why they could feel lonely on board.