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Tips For Better Ear Health

Ears are often the most neglected part of our body.  Once your hearing is damaged, there’s nothing you can do to reverse the damage.   That’s why it’s important that you take good care of your ears by adopting a few simple tips.


Milk Everyday

It is a known fact that milk is effective in keeping our bones healthy.  It is important to keep the bones in your ear known as the cochlea healthy.  Research has shown that people with hearing loss had weaker bone strength than those with healthy hearing.  So load up on milk even when you are working on board.



Lower The Volume

Many seafarers like to listen to music on their head phones while they are in their cabin resting and many will blast the music at high volume.  It is best to turn down the volume a few notches as the loud music will blast your ear drums and will damage your hearing.



Use Earplugs

Many seafarers have noise-induced hearing loss because of the loud working environments.  Some seafarers don’t have the habit of wearing earplugs when they are working on board and this can lead to hearing loss.  Always have a good habit of putting on protective gear when working on board.



Regular Checkups

When you go to your doctor for your annual checkup ask him to include hearing screenings if it’s not part of the regular checkup.  Hearing loss develops gradually and it is recommended that you have regular hearing screening so that you can pick up any hearing abnormalities early and take action as soon as you can.