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Ways To Keep Your Respiratory System Healthy

Every day we breathe in and out on an average of 20,000 times.  All this breathing uses every aspect of our respiratory system: the nose, throat, voice box, windpipe and of course the lungs.  Many factors including smoking can cause problems to your respiratory system.  Your respiratory system can filter out toxins only if it’s healthy.

We share with you 5 tips to improve your respiratory system health.


Stay Hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day can help in giving a thin consistency to the mucus lining your airways and lungs. The mucus can thicken and get sticky when dehydration happens and this can slow down overall respiration and makes you prone to illness.  With the hectic work on board, it is important to keep yourself hydrated adequately.



Important Nutrients

Eating foods rich in Vitamins A, C and E and the minerals zinc, potassium, selenium, magnesium and zinc are helpful in maintaining a healthy respiratory system.  The Chief Cook on board will usually ensure that they prepare a well-balanced diet for everyone on board.


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Quit Smoking

Tar and harmful chemicals in cigarettes can reduce the capacity and efficiency of your lungs.  If you are a smoker it is best that you quit smoking as quitting smoking not only helps in reversing serious health problems it also helps to improve your respiratory health.



Hygiene Matters

Respiratory diseases like the common cold or pneumonia are often transmitted because of poor hygiene.  It is important that you wash your hands regularly, especially before meals and after using the bathroom, to reduce your chances of contracting a viral respiratory disease.



Regular Exercise

Regular cardio or aerobic activities challenge the respiratory system.  To effectively develop the respiratory system, the workouts should be at least 20 minutes long and carried out on a regular consistent basis. Some ships are equipped with a gym and you can go to the gym to pump some iron.