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Year-End Reflection Questions To Ask Yourself


It’s already the last week of 2017.  Time flies isn’t it?  You might be wondering where have all the time gone.

Take some time to reflect on below questions.  By reflecting on the questions, you can recognize your achievements and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.  Or you can alternatively acknowledge your mistakes and use these as a tool to further improve in future.  By reflecting on your past year you can also find out what gives you most joy and where your passion truly lies.


  1. What memorable goal have I achieved this year?


  1. What’s my biggest career achievement?


  1. What’s my favourite movie of the year?


  1. What posititive habit did I pick up this year?


  1. What negative habit did I drop?


  1. What’s the nicest thing I did for someone?


  1. What I’m most grateful for this year?


  1. What made me sad this year?


  1. Am I happy with the decisions I made this year?


  1. What are the three words that can sum up my 2017?


You can get the most out of this exercise if you give yourself some time to reflect on the questions.  After doing this reflection exercise it’s time to get ready for 2018 which is happening in just a few days time.