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Rounding Off 2017


Just two more days and we will be welcoming 2018.  Are you looking forward to the New Year or do you dread it because you have many unfinished tasks from this year?  Regardless of what experiences 2017 had brought you, you can still end this year on a high and start the New Year with a bang.

Below are a few easy ways to end this year on a high.

Reviewing The Year

In our previous article, we shared with you a list of questions which you can reflect on.  You will be amazed at how much happiness you experienced in 2017 and how many good things happened to you.

Saying Thank You

You can send thank you cards to the people who have made this year magical or special for you.  It can be a paper card or an e-card.  By showing gratitude you are actually forging stronger relationships for the future.

Finishing Up

There might be some small tasks at home or at work that you have not completed this year.  If possible, resolve to complete these tasks before the year ends so that these tasks will not be at the back of your mind when 2018 comes.

Planning for The New Year

Most people are soaking in the year-end holiday festivities and do not want to think about the New Year.  It’ll be good if you can spend a few hours to think about how you want to start the New Year and what resolutions you have and how you want to achieve them.