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Effective Time Management Skills For The New Year


I’m sure some of us have lamented “If only I left home 15 mins earlier I will not be late for my appointment.” or “My project deadline is fast approaching but I’m not even halfway done.” or even “I have so many things to do but so little time!”  All these problems have to do with time management skills.  How can I manage my time more effectively you may ask.  Below we share with you some simple but efficient ways.


1)  Important Things First

The golden rule of effective time management is to identify what are the two or three tasks that are most important and urgent to complete and aim to tackle these tasks first.  Once you are done with these more important tasks you can move on to other tasks.


2)  Devote & Focus

Concentrate on the important tasks at hand and not be distracted by other external factors.  If you need a quiet environment to complete your task, you can tell your family or colleagues beforehand that you need peace and quiet to do your thing so that they know not to disturb you for those few hours.


3)  Don’t Waste Time

Find out where you are wasting your time.  Do you spend time scanning through social media or chatting with your friends when you should be concentrating on completing your tasks?  Identify these time wasters and resolve to stop doing these activities which might hinder the progress of your tasks.


4)  Be Organized

Do you find yourself spending a lot of time looking for materials or data you need or is your filing system a mess?  Is your system slowing down your task completion time?  Keep your files and materials organized so that you can quickly access them whenever you need them.


5)  Cope With Mistakes

We know things will not be smooth sailing all the time.  There could be times when things go wrong.  How you react to these setbacks is very important.  You could complain and wallow in despair at the setbacks or you can quickly review and identify steps to rectify the situation.  Knowing how to cope with setbacks can help you get back on track promptly and significantly reduce the amount of time lost when things go wrong.