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Keep The Love Burning Even When Your Seafarer Spouse Is Away


Many will say that life ain’t easy being a seafarer.   They often neglect the fact that it’s not easy being a seafarer’s significant other as well.   Love, understanding, support, patience and care are what the seafarers need from their spouse to keep them going at sea.

Both parties must make an effort to keep their love and passion burning although they are miles apart.  Below are some tips on what a seafarer’s spouse can do:

  • Encouragement

With the hectic schedule and overwhelming tasks on board, the seafarer might feel stressed out and discouraged.  What you can do is to constantly assure him of your support and encouragement.  Tell him how proud you are of him and remind him of his accomplishments.


  • Spending Quality Time

When your seafarer is home, spend as much quality time together as possible.  If time permits, plan a nice vacation for both of you or for your family.  If a vacation is not possible, you can always go out on nice dates, picnics or simply spend quality time at home cooking together or doing the simple things both of you love.


  • Returning Home

Plan a special party or give him a nice gift that you know he will like upon his return.  Fetching him from the airport with a handmade banner or bouquet of flowers will make his homecoming all the more sweeter and he will certainly appreciate the gesture.


  • Special Surprises

The seafarer might have no choice but to celebrate his birthday away at sea.  You can plan a little surprise for him by sending him a recorded video wishing him happy birthday.  Or you can send him a good old greeting card through snail mail.  Letters and a greeting card are all the more romantic than emails and short texts.