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What is Love?


We are already in the month of February and can you feel the love in the air yet?  This month we have a significant day celebrated by couples all over the world – Valentine’s Day.  We all know that Valentine’s Day is about love but what do you know about love?

What is love?


Love is free

Love is kind

Love is blind

Love is caring

Love is action

Love is giving

Love is passion

Love is patient

Love is affection

Love is tolerance

Love is receiving

Love is sacrificial

Love is beautiful

Love is emphatic

Love is a blessing

Love is chemistry

Love is commitment

Love is unconditional

Love is appreciation

Love is a force of nature

Love is physical attraction



There can be many arguments and definitions of what love means.  Rabindranath Tagore says it expressively:

Love is an endless mystery, because there is no reasonable cause that could explain it.”


Love is its own law.