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Ways To Improve The Communication In Your Relationship


We all know how important communication is in a relationship.  Communication can make or break any relationship.  The difficulties seafarers face when communicating with their partners in a relationship is not what non-seafarers can fathom.


With the long periods of time away from your partners, it is especially important to maintain a healthy communication going even through the distance.



  1. Set aside time every day to call your partner. If calling is not possible, write an email or snail mail to your partner.  No matter how long or how short is your mail, your partner will feel very happy to receive the mail from you.


  1. When you get the chance to chat on the phone, make the most out of the conversation. Remember mind-reading does not work.  Tell your partner how you are feeling and what you want and need.  Your partner can better understand you without the guessing game.


  1. When communicating, learn how to manage your own emotions. You might feel vexed at work but don’t take it out on your partner and vent your frustrations on your partner.


  1. Negotiate when communicating is important. Negotiating is stating your grounds clearly and calmly.  No fighting, no shouting.


  1. Be humourous! A lighthearted conversation can steer things into a more positive light.  Humour can dilute and diffuse tension and keep you away from confrontation and criticism.