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5 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Strong


Although we know that love is the foundation of any blissful romantic relationship, just love alone is not enough.  What makes for a healthy romantic relationship differs from couple to couple. To maintain a strong relationship doesn’t need to be a long winding, complex process.


It could be more tedious for seafarers to keep their relationships strong with their partners as they are away from home most of the time so it could require more effort from both parties.


Below are some simple ways you can adopt to keep your relationship strong.



  1. Appreciation

Accept and appreciate your partner for who they are.  More often than not, we forget to let our partners know that we appreciate them.  It could be a simple handwritten card, flowers or even a simple home-cooked dinner, show your special someone that you appreciate them.



  1. Positivity

Sometimes we tend to focus too much on the negative.  We are unhappy at work, somebody cut us on the road, our partner made us angry, etc.  When all the unhappiness gets to us, we can keep concentrating on our partner’s negative points instead of their positive qualities.



  1. Be Supportive

There are many kinds of support that you can give your partner.  You can give emotional support, compliments and praise.  Help them in any way that they may require.



  1. Share Your Thoughts

Share with your partner your hopes, concerns, passions.  Tell each other about the things that is bugging your mind or about things that is important to each of you.



  1. No Comparisons

Grass always seems greener on the other side.  We tend to compare our lives with others and lament why we are not living a better lives like others.  The happiest couples don’t see why the grass is greener on the other side, they are happy with the grass on their side and they take care of their grass to make sure their grass is growing well.