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Problems That Seafarers Face On Board the Ship

Many people do not understand the problems that seafarers face when working on board the ship.  People will think that sailing is a very glamorous and fun job as the seafarer can sail to various parts of the world and they can earn big money.

If this is indeed true, why are there still unhappy seafarers amongst us?  What are some of the problems that seafarers face while working on board the ship?


  1. Hectic Work Schedule

The work on board is increasingly hectic and laborious.  There are so many safety guidelines to follow, so many new regulations to take note of from time to time.  There is also increase in the paperwork that needs to be done. The 12 hour workday can take a toll on seafarers’ health if they do not take good care of their health.


  1. Far Far Away

Seafarers are away from their family for many months and this can really affect their relationship with their family if they do not make a conscious effort to keep in touch with their loved ones regularly.


  1. Social Life

Seafarers can get quite lonely within the confined space of the ship.  Seafarers can get frustrated and homesick at the almost non-existent social life on board.  They could socialize with the colleagues on board but will still yearn for their friends who are back home.


  1. Piracy Risk

The threat of piracy attacks is very real in this day and age.   Some seafarers often sail on board the ships which ply these pirates infested routes.  To avoid such risk they will choose to quit sailing.


Seafaring is still a job which commands respect from people and it also provides a high level of job satisfaction which is why most seafarers choose to stay on in this career.