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Accommodation On Board Ships



We all know that sleep plays a key role in good health and well-being.  Getting sufficient quality shut-eye at the appropriate times can enhance your mental health, physical health, quality of life.

The consequences of sleep deficiency can be harmful or even fatal as accidents could occur while working due to inability to concentrate.

This is why accommodation on board ships is so important.  The employer has to provide and maintain decent & safe accommodations for seafarers working or living on board.

Some of the guidelines pertaining to decent accommodation for seafarers include:

  • Well ventilated & well lit room
  • Clean sanitary facilities
  • Cabins should not be exposed to excessive noise and vibration
  • Cabins should be of adequate size and properly equipped so as to ensure reasonable comfort and also to facilitate tidiness
  • For ships which are trading in cold climates, the crew accommodation must provide safe and adequate heating facilities
  • Accommodation must have a clear headroom of at least 1.98 metres at every point where full and free movement is necessary
  • Each bed must be not less than 1.98 metres long by 800 mm wide

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