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Ways To Improve Your Concentration Onboard



  1. The main element affecting concentration is rest. If you are not well rested, your mind will be scattered and you cannot be calm.  Ensure that you get the right amount of sleep at the right time.  Some crew like to play games on their laptop after their work shift and they end up playing till the wee hours and not getting sufficient rest.  This can be detrimental to their work health as this can in turn affect their concentration when they work.


  1. Overeating can make you feel uncomfortable and sleepy. Eating light and healthy meals can maximize your ability to concentrate. This is especially true for lunch.  If you have a very heavy lunch you will tend to feel sleepy a couple of hours after lunch and you might have problem concentrating on your work.


  1. The habit of meditation can boost our powers of concentration. Ten minutes a day can reduce stress and improve concentration.  Some crew we spoke to who practices meditation told us that they are more focused in everything they do and they don’t find themselves getting easily distracted anymore.


We all know the danger of working on board thus it’s of utmost importance that crew remains alert at all times so as to prevent any incidents or accidents from happening.

Share with us what tips you have to improve concentration while working on board the ship.