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Are You An Emotionally-Intelligent Seafarer?

We have all heard before the term “Emotional Intelligence” but do you know exactly what does the term mean?  It is actually:

  • The ability to precisely recognize your own emotions, as well as those of others
  • The ability to use emotions and apply them to jobs and responsibilities, enjoys thinking and solving problems
  • The ability to manage and control own emotions, and also the ability to cheer up or calm another person down

Here are some characteristics of an emotionally-intelligent seafarer on board the ship.

  1. Open to change
  • The issues a seafarer have to settle on board are constantly changing thus it is definitely beneficial if the seafarer is highly adaptable to changes
  1. Self-awareness
  • The seafarer know what he is good at and what he still have to learn
  1. Empathetic
  • He is able to relate to fellow seafarers on board and able to understand what they are going through
  1. Unbiased
  • The seafarer is not judgmental and he explores all possibilities to new solutions.
  1. Gracious
  • Emotionally-intelligent seafarers are gracious and they do not let critics or toxic people affect their emotions.

Emotionally intelligent people can make working on board the ship a totally different experience.  Are you an emotionally intelligent person?