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Benefits Of Being A Seafarer


I would say working as a seafarer is a very unique career.  Seafarers get to travel to new places (ports) and typically often meet new people.

Seafarers can enjoy several perks like:

  • Good Money

Yes, being a seafarer pays better money as compared to similar occupations ashore.

  • Exciting Lifestyle

Life on board the ship is never boring, and in fact it can get pretty exhilarating at times.

  • Travel Opportunities

Although working on a ship requires seafarers to spend prolonged periods of time at sea, there are still opportunities where seafarers can go ashore to explore new countries the ships are docked at.

  • Disciplined Lifestyle

Punctuality and obedience to authority are two important qualities that a seafarer acquires through a sailing career.

  • Long Holidays

Seafarers are away from home for extended periods of time but seafarers also enjoy the benefits of long vacation when they are on home leave.

Let us know what do you think are the other perks of being a seafarer.