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Common Injuries of Seafarers On Board Ships


Seafarers can face precarious working situations while working on board the ships.  Accidents and injuries can be avoided or minimised if seafarers follow safety protocols strictly and donning the necessary protective gear when working on board ships.


Some of the common injuries seafarers may face on board are:


  • Eye Injury

Jobs like welding, painting, chipping, handling hazardous chemicals might cause harm to seafarer’s eyes thus seafarers must always put on proper protective eye gear.


  • Burns & Scalds

Seafarers should be extra careful when handling hot pipelines, steam, fires and hot liquid to prevent burns and scalds .


  • Back Injury

Seafarers usually carry and lift heavy loads and seafarers should adopt proper posture when carrying out such work so as to avoid strained back muscles.


  • Cuts

Sharp tools and equipment should not be left lying around all over the ship and should instead be kept in the appropriate place or tool box.  Any broken or damaged tool or equipment should be disposed of promptly.


What are some of the safety protocols that your ship owner has?  Share with us by commenting below.