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Anti-Piracy Weapons


Anti-piracy technology has improved with times.  There are a variety of non-lethal weapons which ship owners can install on board the ships to prevent piracy attacks when the ships are trading in pirates infested seas.


  • Electric Fence System

The electric fence surrounds the ship and prevents pirates from climbing on board.  The high voltage electrical fencing can be folded and stored away when not in use.


  • Liquid Deterrent System

This is an anti-piracy technology developed by the International Maritime Security Network of US.   This method showers a slick, green liquid that stinks and burns.  The burning sensation and foul smell will force the pirates to jump into the water, preventing them from advancing on board.


  • Anti-Piracy Curtain

Japan’s NYK group designed this anti-piracy curtain along with hose manufacturer Yokoi.  This system uses high pressure water hoses which are dangled on the port and starboard sides of the vessel.  Sea water is passed through the nozzles of a 0.2 Mega Pascal and the hoses go in erratic whirling motion, generating enough force to severely hurt anyone who gets in the way.


  • Boat Trap

This system can be used to stop pirates’ boats in their tracks by ensnaring the propellers of the pirates’ boats with the ballistic net.


  • Anti-Boarding Device (ABD)

The ABD uses canisters with razor sharp wires which prevent pirates from boarding the ship as the wires acts like a safety barrier.


This is of course not an exhaustive list of the anti-piracy weapons available to ship owners.  Share with us what anti-piracy methods does your ship adopt.