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Christmas Colours

When we mention Christmas colours, what colours do you think of?  Many people will think of the colours green and red.  You may be wondering how this colour combo got associated with Christmas.


Word has it that it originated from centuries ago when the ancient Celtic people valued red and green coloured holly plants for being evergreen and they believe that holly beautifies Earth during the cold winter season.  Holly is one of the few plants that survives the freezing cold temperatures in winter.  The holly also symbolizes the life cycle continuity and the warmth of spring is fast approaching.


Another historical account states that the Romans wove wreaths of holly to give as gifts to celebrate Saturnalia from 17-25 December, as an act of honour to Saturn who is the god of agriculture.  The exchange also signifies good luck.  The wreaths of holly can be found adorning the walls and doors.


One religious explanation is that in the Bible, red is associated with blood and life.  It represents both Christ’s birth and death.  It can even be traced back to Adam and Eve story in the Bible where the forbidden fruit which was hanging on the tree was consumed by Adam and Eve.


Although there are various explanations and history regarding the origins of the Christmas colours green and red, the importance and significance of Christmas for Catholics and Christians cannot be overplayed as they celebrate the birth of their savior Jesus Christ.