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Seafarer’s Health

Seafarers have to stay healthy physically, emotionally and mentally while at sea as medical treatment facilities are not so comprehensive on ships.  Below are some useful ways we adopt to have a healthy time on board.



  1. Balanced diet

Choose healthier foods like vegetables, fruits, fish and lean meats.  Limit your intake of carbonated drinks, alcohol and caffeine.



  1. Exercise

Even if it’s just an early morning or evening brisk walk or jog around the ship, you can reap the benefits of the fresh ocean breeze.  Your body will thank you for it.



  1. Be Positive

Keep an open mind to change and be receptive of new ideas from other team members.  It is futile resisting change as change is the only thing that is constant.



  1. Connectivity

With ever improving technologies, it is easy to keep in touch with family and friends.  Connecting with them can act as a stress buster and also to keep you sane from the hectic work on board.



Share with us by commenting below how you stay healthy onboard the ship.