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I Dislike My Current Job…What Can I Do?


There are a few lucky mates who love their jobs and also love the companies they are working for while the rest of us are simply getting paid so that we can afford to do what we love during the weekends or go for that annual vacation with our loved ones.  Some of us might be thinking is it time for us to make a change.  Before you submit your resignation letter, do check out below tips first:


  • Analyse

First break down why and what you are unhappy with at your current job.  Am I unhappy with the people I’m working with?  Do I dislike the culture of the company?  It’ll be good listing down the pros and cons of your job.


  • Determine

After you’ve done a self-analysis, it’s important to determine whether the things you are unhappy with have to do with you or the company.  If you are simply stressed and want a change of jobs to relieve tension, it may follow you and the same unhappiness will still arise when you are with a new ship manager/manning agency.


  • Communicate

Don’t quit your job until you’ve done everything you can to improve it.

Example if it’s your superior or the company that you are unhappy about, it will be good to have a talk with them to thrash out any issues you have.


  • Decide

If all else fails and you realize that it’s best to leave your ship manager/manning agency, be professional about it and not leave on a sour note.  You can then look for better career opportunities on our platform CREWING ONLINE