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Are You Happy On Board The Ship?

Seafarers spend long periods away from home and are confined to the limited space on board the ship day in day out, save for the occasional shore leave when some can go ashore for some leisure time.


So what keeps a seafarer happy on board the ship?



  • Internet

In this day and age, everybody is wired to the internet.  Some people just cannot live without the internet.  But internet is not readily available on board some vessels!  It is always comforting to receive an email or even Skype with your loved ones after a hard day work out at sea.




  • Good Diet

We all know that we need to eat well so that we can work well.  Nutritious and yummy food onboard makes every seafarer happy.  A tummy-filled seafarer is a happy seafarer!




  • Sleep

Seafarers tend to be overworked most of the times so a good quality sleep is really a cherished luxury.  A seafarer who is well rested can produce better quality work and is also less prone to accidents.




  • Monetary Rewards

Monetary rewards are always welcome for a job well done.  A little extra for the month end allotment will certainly increase output and quality of work.  It can certainly boost the morale of the seafarers too!


Let us know in the comments below what makes you truly happy on board the ship.