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Loneliness At Sea


Seafarers spend longer period of time out at sea as compared to spending time with their loved ones and family.  All seafarers know how loneliness can hit you hard when you are out at sea especially when things get tough on board the ship.  Your loved one is not around you to give you a hug when needed or lend you a listening ear when you need one.


How can you beat loneliness on board?


Ahoy Mates

There might not be a lot of crew on board a ship, depending on what type of ship you are sailing on.  Your fellow seafarers on board might be facing their own problems or they might be weary and tired from the hectic work schedule on board.  Try and make friends with them.  It beats being lonely on board with no friends to talk to or to share your problem with.



Busy Bees

The long working hours on board the ship can either be a boon or bane to some.  Some will like the long hours so that they are occupied and not letting the loneliness hit them that badly.  Some will dread the long working hours as they would rather have more “me time” for themselves.  When you are kept busy you tend not to dwell on the loneliness factor and time will also pass faster.  Before you know it it’s time to sign off and be with your loved ones already.


Enjoy Yourself

Loneliness is simply a state of mind that can be shifted.  Learn how to cope with loneliness and you will find that time will not be so draggy on board and you can even enjoy the time on board.


It might not be easy but there are ways to conquer loneliness.  Focus on positive energy and you will certainly have a happier time on board the ship.