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Myths of High Protein Diet


In this world and age we are constantly bombarded with nutrition information and advice.  The buzzword nowadays is high-protein.  Food manufacturers are pushing high-protein versions of everything from Weetabix to Mars chocolate bar, together with supplements, powders.  It seems that everything and anything can be labeled “high protein”.


There are many reasons why high-protein diets are not exactly healthy.  They increase the rate of calcium loss from bones, are harmful to people with renal or liver disease and best avoided by people with diabetes.


Increasing protein intake does not necessarily increase loss of body fat.  Maintaining a suitable intake of protein on a reduced energy intake is important to prevent loss of lean tissue.  This can be easily achieved by eating everyday foods like chicken breast, cheese and pea soup.


Some people might argue that a high-protein diet is the efficient way to weight loss and good health.  Your body will know best what foods you need.  The key is to maintain a balanced diet and eat everything in moderation.


What are your thoughts about the high protein diet?  Share with us by commenting below.