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Keeping Yourself Entertained On Board The Ship

We all know and understand that working life on board the ship can be very mundane.  There are no malls or pubs where we can hang out at after “knocking off”.  What you have is the sea, sea and more sea. We share with you a few tips to keep yourself entertained while at sea.


  1. Read

Reading can be a good way of killing time and at the same time you can improve your vocabulary!  Some people like romance story while some prefer a plot filled with suspense.  Read whatever floats your boat!



  1. Listen

Listening to music can be a great form of relaxation and will switch your mind off any stress you have.  Just remember to plug in your earpiece so as not to disturb other crew with your music.



  1. Talk

Talking to a fellow seaman on board is an efficient way to alleviate boredom on board.  You never know, your colleague might be able to provide any advice you might need to your problem.



  1. Exercise

Some ships are equipped with a gym.  You can head to the gym to pump some iron and keep fit together with your fellow seafarers.



  1. Play

Some seafarers I know play games on board the ship after their work shift.  It can be some board games, card games or even some silly physical games.  The purpose is to just unwind after a hard day’s work.


Share with us how do you keep yourself entertained on board the ship.