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Love Your Liver

The liver is one of the hardest working organs responsible for some 500 vital bodily functions yet it is a part of the body that is often overlooked. The liver helps digest food, makes protein and cleans the blood.

Modern lifestyle can affect liver health.  Lack of sleep, stress, over-consumption of alcohol and fats can over-burden the liver.

Here are a few simple steps you can take to warrant ideal liver health:


  • Avoid excess alcohol consumption

Excessive alcohol consumption can do much damage to your liver.  Minimize or stop alcohol intake completely if possible.



  • Adopt a balanced diet

A balanced diet of various vegetables, fruits and proteins can ensure the proper function of the liver.  Excess fats and carbohydrates can cause fat deposits in the liver.



  • Exercise and maintain healthy weight

It has been proven through studies that gradual weight loss coupled with regular exercises can reduce fat deposits in the liver.


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  • Avoid illicit drug use

Some medicines might appear harmless but they could potentially damage your liver if they are not prescribed by your doctor.



  • Get vaccinated

There are vaccines for hepatitis A and hepatitis B.  It will be good to be vaccinated adequately.


Let us know how do you take care of your liver or if you take any vitamin supplement for your liver health.