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Building Good Working Relationships

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We spend longer periods of time at work as compared to with our family.  Thus maintaining a good working relationship on board the ship is very important as this can make your job more enjoyable and productive.


We share with you some keys to establishing and maintaining an effective working relationship on board the ship.



As with our own personal relationship with our spouse or partner, trust is the fundamental characteristic that makes up a good and effective working relationship.  When you trust your fellow seafarers on board the ship, it makes work easier as there is a powerful bond that helps everyone works together more effectively.  With the trust strongly planted in the team you can be more vocal in your thoughts and actions without worrying about being back-stabbed by your colleagues.  We should take responsibility for our own mistakes.  Integrity is fundamental to trust.




All good relationships are dependent on open communication.  It’s important to listen attentively to what your fellow seafarer has to say and do not judge.  If you do not understand what they are trying to bring across, make sure you clarify with them to avoid any unnecessary misunderstanding.  When communicating, do not use sarcasm or talk down to the person you are communicating with.




Showing interest in the perspectives of other seafarers is showing respect to them.  Be willing to understand their viewpoints which might differ from yours.  Share with them your perspective in a professional manner.  Value each other’s input and contributions and work together on finding solutions based on everyone’s insight, suggestion and wisdom.



When you establish a strong working relationship, you will work well with others and you may even experience recognition and personal motivation.  It is a win-win situation isn’t it.