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Building Trust at Work

Building Trust at Work

Building Trust at Work

In any relationship, trust is the fundamental core that is so important in keeping the relationship going.  Everyone can act in ways that promote trust in our immediate work environment.  In order for the company to succeed it doesn’t just require the effort of one person, it is a team effort.  The team work can’t exist when there is no trust.

You can follow the following guidelines to build trust with your peers, subordinates and superiors.

No Gossip

If you have an issue with a fellow seafarer on board the ship, try to resolve the problem with the person in private.  Do not spread rumours about him or resort to name calling.  Gossip can be very toxic and detrimental to one’s relationship with the team.

Duly Informed

Keeping your crew duly informed of any information as soon as possible can make the crew feel that you are not withholding information from them on purpose and they feel that you trust them with the information.

Admit It

If you don’t know your work or you can’t remember the solution to the problem, just admit it.  This will allow you to grow and learn and your fellow seafarers will not consider you a fake who pretends to know his work.

Keep Believing

If you are the supervisor or line manager, emphasize the trust you have in your subordinates that you believe they can achieve much and can live up to your high standards.  This trust in them encourages them to put in their utmost best when they do their work.

Building and maintain trust requires constant effort and it has the capacity to grow stronger and stronger over time.