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Handling Stress on board the Ship

Handling Stress on board the Ship

All of us experience some form of stress in our lives, be it at work or in our personal lives.  While some amount of stress is normal, excessive stress is definitely unhealthy and it can have a detrimental effect on your personal relationship and in your work.

There are certain situations at work which are beyond our control which can add to our stress, however it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to alleviate the stress on board the ship.  Here are a few tips for you on how you can handle stress on board the ship.

Tip #1 – Talk It Out

Sometimes the best form of stress-reducer is to vent by sharing the stress with someone. You can talk to someone you are close to on board or even the officers on board.  The person you are speaking to might not be able to solve your problems but at least you have a listening ear and you won’t feel so alone in managing the stress.  If you feel that you are not exactly close to anyone on board, it’s never too late to forge new friendship with your fellow crew on board.

Tip #2 – Relax

Be mindful when you feel stressed and take steps to address the stress.   You can do some meditation and deep breathing.  By setting aside some time daily to do a simple activity like deep breathing can be more beneficial than you think.  You can get better at focusing on a single activity without distraction and this can be beneficial in your work too.

Tip #3 – Move It

Engage in exercises that raises your heartbeat and makes you sweat.  This is a very effective way to lift up your mood and increase your energy level.  This helps to sharpen and relaxes your mind and body.  For maximum benefit try to schedule at least 30 minutes of exercise on most days.

All of us have different ways of handling stress.  What do you do to beat stress on board the ship? Share with us by commenting below.