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Safety of Offshore Helicopter Flights


Seafarers who are in the offshore industry will know that safe helicopter flights are of utmost importance as they travel to their offshore installations on the helicopters.


The CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) has a series of measures in place to enhance the safety of offshore helicopter flights:


  • When the sea condition is very harsh, helicopter flights are strictly prohibited, so that the chance of a ditched helicopter capsizing is lessened and in the event any mishap happens, a rescue can be safely carried out.


  • Pending further safety improvements to helicopters, passengers will only be permitted to fly if they are seated next to an emergency window exit to make it easier to escape from the helicopter in an emergency (unless helicopters are fitted with extra flotation devices or better emergency breathing systems are made available to the passengers)


  • All passengers are required to have better emergency breathing equipment to increase underwater survival rate unless the helicopter is equipped with side floats.


  • Offshore crew to receive improved safety training regarding commuting in helicopters to the offshore installation.