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Top Attractions in Hong Kong (Part 1 of 2)

After reading our past articles about what to eat in Hong Kong, where to party in Hong Kong and how to get around places in Hong Kong, you might be wondering what attractions are worth a visit in Hong Kong.  Mention attractions in Hong Kong and many would think of Hong Kong Disneyland.  But there is more to this bustling city than Hong Kong Disneyland.

Besides being home to the best dim sum, best clubbing spots, Hong Kong is also famous for their diverse range of attractions to suit every traveller’s taste.  So we have curated a list of Hong Kong’s top attractions which are a must-visit the next time you hit the shores of Hong Kong.

Amazing view from The Peak
  • The Peak

Want to feel on top of the world, literally?  Then a trip to The Peak is necessary.  The highest hill on Hong Kong island is at an elevation of 552 m.  Attracting seven million visitors every year, it is easy to tell why The Peak is a major tourist attraction in Hong Kong.  A visit during the day allows you to take in the view of the magnificent skyscrapers and Victoria Harbour all the way to the New Territories.  If you manage to get to The Peak in the early evening you could catch the beautiful hues of sunset before the dazzling lights of the city comes on and glisten before your eyes.

Visitors usually take the Peak Tram to access the Peak.  However the Peak Tram is temporarily closed for an upgrading project from 23 April 2019 for 2 – 3 months.  Fear not, alternative public transport services to The Peak are still available.  You can check out their website for more details:

The famous Big Buddha at Ngong Ping
  • Ngong Ping 360

Ngong Ping 360, the gondola lift on Lantau Island was previously known as Tung Chung Cable Car Project.  If you are a dare-devil, you can opt for the glass bottomed cable car cabin to enjoy better views all around.  It is quite a nerve-wrecking ride for the faint-hearted I would say.

When you step out from the cable car, you can see the 1.5 hectare Ngong Ping Village where a wide variety of shopping and dining experience awaits.  You can admire the famous Big Buddha, Po Lin Monastery, Wisdom Path which is only a five-minute stroll from Ngong Ping Village.

The many splendid-coloured cable cars going to Ocean Park
  • Ocean Park

Although Ocean Park Hong Kong has been opened since 1977, it still remains as one of the must-visit attractions for tourists when they go to Hong Kong.  Occupying an area of more than 915,000 square metres, you can see a wide variety of exotic wildlife, take thrill rides and watch entertaining shows.  One of the residents you can see here is the Giant Panda, and also the endangered Chinese Giant Salamander.

The very rustic and charming Tai O Fishing Village
  • Tai O Fishing Village

Most tourists will not list Tai O Fishing Village as one of their places to visit in Hong Kong.  This quaint little village offers you a unique experience that you can’t find elsewhere in Hong Kong.  There is a quiet laidback vibe here and time seems to pass by slowly over here.  If you are lucky you might spot the endangered pink dolphin in the nearby waters.