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Where to Go in Busan (Part 2 of 2)

In this second part of our series of Where to Go in Busan, we share with you some more popular and iconic places of attractions in Busan.

  • Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

This popular Buddhist temple in Busan can be found on the coast.  This is rare as a majority of the Korean temples are usually situated in the mountainous areas.  The Haedong Yonggungsa Temple is steeped in rich culture and history.  Built in the 14th century, this is an architectural wonder not to be missed. 

Do set aside at least a day for visiting this temple as there are many things to explore here.  Arm yourself with a map and do not miss spots like the shrines, pagoda and stone lanterns which make for very instagram-worthy photos. If you happen to visit in spring, you can even view the cherry blossom here.  And because of the unique coast side location, you can catch a breathtaking view of the ocean from this temple.


  • Gukje Market

Gukje Market had its humble beginnings during the Korean War in 1950 as a place for war refugees to eke out a living.  It soon grew into the largest market in Busan bustling with activity.  There is a nostalgic spirit about this market which is similar to that of Namdaemun Market in Seoul.  In Gukje Market, you can buy trinkets and souvenirs as well as trying various types of street food.  The prices here are relatively inexpensive.

Gukje Market is connected to other markets such as Bupyeong Market and Kkangtong Market.  You can basically spend one whole day strolling through the markets and feasting on their local snacks.

  • Sea Life Busan Aquarium

If you like the ocean and is interested in the somewhat magical life of the marine animals you have to make a trip to Sea Life Busan Aquarium which is located in Haeundae Beach.  There are 250 different marine species here and more than 10,000 aquatic animals on display.  All these are housed in an area spanning 36,000m2 and spread over 3 underground levels.

You can watch in awe as the sharks devour their meats during their feeding time or you can simply ooh and ahh at the cute penguins waddling around in their sanctuary.  There are various feeding shows for different animals, do check out their updated schedule when you are there.

  • Beomeosa Temple

Beomeosa Temple was founded by monk Ui Sang in the 678 and it’s located at the eastern edge of Geumjeongsan Mountain which is a very famous mountain in Busan.  Beomeosa Temple is one of the six largest temple in Korea. 

The architecture of the temple typifies the mid-Joseon Dynasty style and the wisteria woods and valleys around the temple are simply gorgeous.  There is a very serene feel in Beomeosa Temple.  You can be sure of capturing lots of beautiful photos here. 

Visitors who are interested in acquiring more in-depth knowledge about Buddhism can opt for their templestay program.


Which of these listed places have you been to in Busan?  Share with us by commenting below.