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What to Do In Singapore

Are you planning a trip to the Garden City?  Or is your vessel scheduled to call Singapore any time soon?  You will most probably have heard of how beautiful, green and efficient Singapore is.   But do you know what some of the must-visit places are when you are in Singapore?

Below are our recommendations:


  1. Gardens by the Bay

Be awed by the seasonal floral display at the Flower Dome which is one of the world’s largest glass greenhouses.  Some of the seasonal showcase includes tulips, cherry blossoms and many more.  Be sure to also check out the towering massive tree-like sculptures at the outdoor Supertree Grove.  You can take lots of nice photos here.


  1. Merlion Park

The merlion is the national icon of Singapore.  You can see it on keychain, bookmark, and even bottle-opener at the souvenir shops thronged by tourists.  So a visit to the Merlion Park is a must when you visit the Lion City.


  1. Singapore Zoo

There are over 4000 animals in this world-class “open concept” zoo.  The animals are mostly housed in beautifully landscaped enclosures.  There are daily feeding sessions for various animals and there are also performances daily.


  1. Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands

Many tourists who have visited Singapore would have taken many a picture of the iconic skyline of Marina Bay area.  From the famous infinity pool atop Marina Bay Sands you can catch a gorgeous sunset against the breathtaking view of Singapore.


  1. Sentosa

Sentosa brand themselves as the State of Fun and it is indeed endless fun on the island.  You can choose to suntan on the beach, take some exhilarating rides at Universal Studios Singapore or even frolic with the dolphins at the Sea Aquarium.  You should preferably set aside one full day for exploring Sentosa.