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5 Secrets To A Pair of Healthy Kidneys

Kidney diseases are silent killers which can essentially affect your quality of life.  Thus it is important that you take care of your kidneys and we are here to show you 5 secrets to a pair of healthy kidneys.



  • Hydration

Guzzling plenty of fluid helps our kidneys clear sodium, urea and toxins from our body.  However, researchers do not encourage “aggressive fluid loading”.  While it’s always a good idea to drink enough water, drinking more than the typical four to six glasses a day probably won’t help your kidneys do their job any better.


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  • No Smoking

Smoking decreases the flow of blood to the kidneys.  When less blood reaches the kidneys, it hinders their ability to function effectively.  Smoking also increases the risk of high blood pressure as well as the risk of kidney cancer.



  • Healthy Eating

A balanced diet ensures you absorb all the minerals and vitamins your body needs.  Limit the amount of processed food and reduce your salt intake.


  • Regular Exercise

Regular exercise can keep your body mass index (BMI) in the healthy range.  Being too heavy can increase your blood pressure which is bad for your kidneys



  • Over-the-counter medications

Drug like ibuprofen has been proven to cause kidney damage and disease if taken regularly.  So if you have chronic pain such as arthritis or back pain, consult your doctor to find a way to control your pain without damaging your kidneys.


Share with us what ways you adopt to keep your kidneys healthy.