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Importance of Workplace Safety on board the Ship

All seafarers have the right to work in a safe and healthy environment on board the ship. It is the duty and moral responsibility of the company to ensure that the employee’s safety and protection are well looked after.  Although workplace safety can be as simple as paying due diligence when carrying out works on board or by simply using the right tool and equipment for the job, it can sometimes be neglected or forgotten due to overconfidence.

We can never emphasize enough that safety is of utmost importance in the maritime industry.  The implementation of safety management in the maritime industry is more important than ever.

Why is workplace safety so important? 

  • Injury and Death

According to 2014 figures as reported in European Maritime Safety Agency, there were 1075 persons injured and 136 fatalities.  Improved safety training and safety awareness can help save lives and even reduce injury cases to zero. 


  • Corporate Financial Loss

Any safety incidents or accidents can impact the company financially.  It is imperative that the seafarers and the company adhere strictly to safety rules to minimize risk to life and therefore minimizing the chance of financial loss and property damage.


  • Increased Productivity

Companies who provide a safe and healthy work environment on board the ship and conduct safety training as an integral part of their company culture can build a strong working relationship with the seafarers.  Seafarers feel assured that the companies value their life and the work they do thus creating a sense of loyalty in them and in turn increase team morale which has a direct correlation to increased productivity. 


  • Corporate Reputation

A company that do not value their seafarers and operates their business in an unsafe manner can turn away potential business partners and customers.  It is the same rationale as a restaurant adopting unsafe cooking methods is not going to attract customers as the customers will fear for the cleanliness of the food served.


The fast development of technologies in the maritime industry has been followed with a onset of new problems and challenges.  Adequate training is still vital to carrying out safe operations on board the ship.  We should never be complacent when it comes to safety on board the ship.