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Importance of Teamwork on board the Ship

Seafarers spend long period of time on board the ship, living together, eating together, working together, basically doing life together, regardless of nationality or age or even gender.  Since you have to work with people whom you see 24/7 on board the ship, it’s important that you work well together.  One imperative part of working well together is teamwork.  The ability to work well with others can make a vast difference in your work.

So why is teamwork so important?

  • Problem Solving

Collaborating with your colleagues can help solve problems easily.  The team can brainstorm a solution or a new way of doing things.  If you work alone, you might not achieve the same results and you might even spend longer time at a task.

  • Improve Communication

By working with your fellow colleagues on board the ship, you can improve communication as there are opportunities for open discussion and team members can cooperate more easily.

  • Increased Learning Opportunities
    Working as a team allows you to learn from your team members.  You can leverage on each other’s strong points and provide due support to one another.  In the event something goes awry, the team can work together to efficiently fix the problem and in the process learn how to do things differently compared to if they do it alone.
  • Stronger Working Relationships

When you work together and succeed together, you feel good and you foster a better working relationship with your colleagues on board.  The enhanced working relationship can translate into mutual trust and eventual friendship if things go well.

Teamwork benefits employees on a personal level.  Work together to understand how to resolve conflicts and learn from your team mates.  You will realize that teamwork is actually very beneficial for your work.