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Ways To Treat Seasickness

When the sea gets way too choppy, some of us might experience seasickness.  You might have your way to treat seasickness.

Below are some tried and tested ways which we’ve tried that never fails to counter seasickness every time.



Ginger is a natural remedy and taking frequent sips of ginger-ale helps to alleviate nausea.  Do note that if you are taking blood thinners or have a heart ailment, it’s best to speak with your doctor before consuming ginger.



Looking at the stationary horizon helps in “tricking” the brain to recognise the stillness and transmit signals to your inner ear.  Your inner ear will then regain its balance and the seasick feeling dissipates.


Suck or Chew

Sucking or chewing foods can create saliva.  The production of the extra saliva helps in neutralizing acids in your stomach while reducing the nausea feel.  You can try apples or candies like lemon drops.


Avoid Spicy Food

Do not take heavy, fatty or spicy foods if you are prone to seasickness.  You should instead snack on snacks which are carb-heavy, like crackers.


What secret remedies do you have to counter seasickness?  Share with us by commenting below!