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How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

How many of us have made New Year resolution to get off our couch and to exercise regularly instead of bingeing and snacking in front of the TV?  Many have made the resolution but how many have followed through and really make it happen?  Those who have pressed on would have seen significant results by now and for those who procrastinated they are probably still finding the motivation to exercise. 

So why is it that some people just have more motivation than others to exercise and to keep to a regular workout schedule?  We share with you some tips on how you can motivate yourself to workout. 

  • Short Workouts

Workouts do not have to be long and boring.  You can keep it between 15 to 20 minutes if you would like.  A short workout is better than not moving at all.  You can still fit in an intense workout in a shorter timeframe. 

  • Small Goals

Try to set small fitness goals for yourself.   Example if you can’t attain 10 push-ups, set a small goal for yourself to slowly reach that goal.  You can start slow by doing 3 push-ups and as your stamina and strength improves, you can surely achieve more number of push-ups done.  In this way, you will feel motivated and you can see that you have made some improvement.

  • Workout Buddy

You can rope in your friend or family to exercise together with you.  It helps to have someone who can cheer you on and sweat it out together.  When you feel like giving up, your workout buddy can encourage you and keep pushing you and you will not give up easily.

  • Have Fun

It’s important to have fun when you workout so that you will not feel bored by it.  Incorporate some fun factors like dancing, playing fun sports with family and friends.